Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Evie's little photoshoot!!

here she is, her debut... Evie's first photoshoot. she's about a week old in these pics and lucky us she might have been the squirmiest baby we have ever shot, secretly i liked it though because all of her funny faces come straight from Troy. She has already changed so much! i kind of hate it!!! but i love to see all of her new expressions and changing features. she'll be 2 weeks tomorrow and when i think about it i just want to cry. She had her 1 week appt. on friday and gained 4 oz. she now weighs 6 lbs 11 oz. she's getting so big!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Belated Maternity Pics

so i know these are a little late considering our little evie baby is already here, but at 38 weeks our good friends dan and becky took some sweet maternity pics, and we love them! so i wanted to share. but for those of you who haven't checked the blog in a while be sure to scroll down and see the arrival of our little sweetheart!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Evie Elizabeth Lunt

She's here, she's here!!!! Evie is here and we couldn't be happier! She's absolutely perfect!
a quick summary of our special special day....
Wednesday, April 14th 2010 ( Evie Elizabeth's birthday).
I was scheduled to be induced a week early due to all the risks with the whole blood disorder thing (a whole other conversation) so we went into the hospital around 8:00 that morning. once we were all settled in the nurse checked me and we discovered that i was already dilated to almost a 4. so they gave me some cytotec, (a labor inducing drug), and we went for a walk around the hospital for about an hour. when we got back to our room they asked if i wanted an epidural. i'm no hero and had never planned on being one... so i told her, yes as soon as i could get one i wanted one. she then explained that there was the problem of my contractions not being regular. so as soon as i started to have a regular pattern ( maybe every 2 minutes or so) they would give the epidural. reason being, they didn't want to stop labor completely by administering the epidural to early. so the doctor came in and broke my water. before that the contractions hadn't been too bad...after my water had been broken it became a completely different story. i felt really silly but i couldn't take it and only after about 10 min. i was telling troy to page the nurse so i could beg for the epidural... none of this waiting for the contractions to be regular junk... I couldn't take it!!!!!!!! when the nurse came in and checked me, we found out why the pain had become unbearable! i had dilated to an 8 or 9 in 45 min... (the magic number here being 10.) she ran and got the anesthetist. I thankfully got the epidural right before it was time to push and 28 min. later Little Miss Evie Elizabeth Lunt was born. 1:11 pm, 6 lbs. 7 oz. 19 in. long. It's surreal to think that were now parents and have a sweet little daughter. Sometimes i look at her and can't believe she's mine. she already in 6 days has changed our lives completely and i can't believe how much i love her. Troy is completely enamored and can't get enough of her. We love being a little family and realize that she is truly heaven sent...
here are the pictures from the hospital not in any particular order
(more to come soon... okay lets be honest probably much much later)

We honestly weren't holding out on the name. we had gone to the hospital with a couple in mind... once we saw her we knew it was Evie and Elizabeth after my mom.

first family photo.
i told myself i wouldn't post one of these because i knew in advance i would be looking pretty, lets say haggard, but i love so much that we're now a little family that i want to show everyone the hardcopy proof!
Troy being a proud teary eyed first time dad.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crib Bedding

So I'm finally done with her crib bedding. Maybe next time in advance someone should say... "Whitney, do you know how to make crib bedding?" and I would say no and think twice before trying such an impossible feat!! Someone who's not Troy because when he says it I get all martha Stewart hormonal pregnancy offended and shut myself up in a room until it's done. And I've proved to him I can do it, even though it wouldve been "easier to buy" and I wouldn't have "stressed myself to the max 4 days before she's here !" okay okay he was completely right. But I'm glad I did it and I'm proud I did it, and frankly i'm surprised I did it, quilt and all. We love it and can't wait till she's here to sleep in it! Only 4 more days!

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Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth