Wednesday, December 1, 2010

October...November...and first of December

We have moved from Thatcher but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Every Monday through Wednesday Troy goes back for class, and then comes down here (Gilbert) for clinicals Thursday-Saturday. Meaning, for the last 6 weeks Evie and I have been getting to see him about 1-2 days a week. It's not ideal, but don't feel sorry for me, we've only got 1 more week till his semester's out...relief. Occasionally when he goes to Thatcher I tag along, and we get to see a little more of each other. In early Oct. we went to the apple orchard and then later in the week went to my grandparents ranch,( my dad had come down to help brand and needed the the son-in-laws help.) For halloween my side of the family got together and had a party, and it featured a costume contest. I was the farmer and troy was my milk cow, Evie... a hippie. November pretty much flew by and I don't have any pictures from Thanksgiving but, as always... loved it. We went to the annual Hancock Thanksgiving in Wickenburg and got to see family we love. Just a quick shout out to my cousin kelsey who I know will be reading this! And now it's December 1st and like everyone's December every day is planned out and spoken for. I love the holidays and even though I just saw my entire family and then some, I can't wait until these next few weeks are over and I can see them again... but mostly I just want to see Troy!

Does anyone else think that Troy's holding of the apple is hilarious?


here they are... our real life cowboys

isn't this the biggest needle you've ever seen?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ode to Thatcher and Evie update...

We've moved and I can't believe it! Our Thatcher chapter has come to an end... weird. I'm taking it harder than I thought I would. 3 1/2 years ago Troy and I met, dated, fell in love, and got engaged in Thatcher! Troy has always had a nostalgic love for the place, and though I didn't at first, I do now. After getting married we moved back and from now until forever when I think of our dating, newlywed, and new baby days I will think of Thatcher. We were ready and excited to move for many reasons... school, job, being closer to family, etc... but I am a little bit sad ... and we really will miss it.
1. our first 4 apartments/ little leaky houses. (including the one Evie came home to!)
2. great wards!!!!
2. some super fun young couples/families who have become great friends
3. EAC (the college campus where our degrees were earned!)
4. cotton fields
5. a brand new beautiful temple
6. at least 4 of our favorite mexican restaurants
7. being 5 min. away from anything
8. Catwalk, Mt. Graham, Cluff Ponds, and Roper Lake
9. the last place my mom came to visit me
10. its the place where I met my husband and we started our family... so i love it!
And now an update and lots of pictures of Evie....
she's 6 months today! (thats absolutely crazy to me) She started sitting up a few weeks ago, and she wants to grab everything. I think she'll learn to run before she learns to crawl. Her hair is still red and I love it. she has a regular smile and a CRAZY smile. She started eating rice cereal and becomes an animal every time she sees it. She pretty much sleeps through the night, and she knows I'm her mom (thats my favorite)!
happy halloween
some general conference prayers
rice cereal maniac

my new hamster method
should she be able to do this?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rhianna's wedding... done!

about 2 1/2 weeks ago, Matthew Haban married my sister Rhianna! Wonderful. The sealing was perfect (as they always are), and both receptions were beautiful. So a big fat welcome to Matt... we think he's pretty ok ;)... and a congrats to the both of them! here are just a few pics (great job Troy!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

this is silly

how bout this...
-how bout Evie wakes up at 4:00 am lately
-how bout troy's school semester has started and i'm already DONE
-how bout i got a giant mother of all cole sores cole sore, and at church today i looked like a leper but everybody was nice enough not to say anything but you wish they kind of would just so you could tell them it's just a cole sore and not a rare freaky disease
-how bout run on sentences
-how bout i got really excited and bought a strawberry shortcake movie for evie even though she's only 5 months, put it on for her and then after she went to sleep watched the whole thing by myself.
--how bout i looked at old college pictures and thought "wow, troy must hate that i don't get dressed up anymore. i used to try to be as cute as i could every day, i have become a total loser". then later that same day when i was doing the dishes without a dishwasher and resenting it, i thought, "wow, troy's really lucky to have me, i'm such a gem."
- how bout i remember randomly that one time i saw troy chewing up a pickle and spitting it back out onto his hot dog. when i asked him what he was doing he said, "what, we didn't have any relish."
-AND... how bout im so grateful for facebook, because it means that blogs aren't all the rage anymore and so fewer people will read about all my crazy!

quick update
Evie's 5 months. she rolls over, smiles big, giggles, reaches for things, chews on her toes, and tries to sit up. she's getting more red hair, and loves to grab handfuls of other people's hair... i'm going bald! Troy just started his last block of nursing school (yay, were almost done!) he's really busy with work and class but we get to see him on sundays. LOVE THEM BOTH, and me? i'm growing out my bangs!

Friday, August 27, 2010

This is Evie Elizabeth, also known as "miss lizabeth", or "Evie roo", or when she does something especially cute it's "miss roo". so of course "miss roo" is most common... i know... i"m weird. she's 4 months, 13lbs 12 1/2 oz., 50th percentile for weight, and 75th for height. she's the perfect size and i love her so much!!!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

July part 2!!!

this post is gonna be all over the place but so much has been happening in these few short weeks. and i cant believe our summer is practically over.
we went to Nauvoo! and we loved it, its a testimony builder for sure, and an amazing tribute to our faithful pioneer ancestors.two words describe it.. faith and sacrifice. my trials are nothing in comparison. the spirit there is infectious. everyone needs to go! i am so grateful that we got to experience it...we learned and felt so much!
right when we got back my sister Rhianna called for some wedding planning help, so me and the sisters (minus lissa, sorry missed you) got together for some invitation sending. we decided to make a party out of it and everyone came to Thatcher for some good 'ole chill time. Love my Family!(especially you troy and evie!)
okay...lots of pictures
Plane ride to missouri

Silver Dollar City amusement park (the damp blanket kept her cool)
My little babushka!
first time swimming in the hotel, i think she might like it just as much as dad.

Lucy Mack Smith's Home (don't judge Troy, it was unbearably hot and sticky)
us in front of Levi Ward Hancock's plot in Nauvoo. my 4 greats grandfather... because of him i have the gospel... so grateful.



LIBERTY JAIL (not a great pic sorry)
a couple more from silver dollar city

my family

me and beth
new baby caleb

soon to be wed...
hailey brynn
i love you dad

Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth