Wednesday, March 30, 2011

summer is upon us

my heart is breaking... today in the mid afternoon i went outside and realized that summer will probably be here in a week. i do not exaggerate when i say that my heart is breaking. spring has been here in good ol' arizona now probably for 4 weeks and it is coming to an end. sounds about right. i am not prepared for an arizona summer, i can't even wrap my head around it. the sidewalk that burns your feet, the hot sticky steering wheel that you can only hold onto with napkins out of the glovebox. i am not prepared to spend the next 6 months indoors with the most incredible utility bill you have ever seen. i long for spring to stay. i know that it won't and troy is glad because that means he can go swimming and eat popsicles, both those things mean nothing to me! they pale in comparison to walks and picnics, and the color green! summer is the most selfish of seasons in arizona. it cuts spring short and doesn't even give autumn a chance. im afraid i am the only one who feels this way in my family because evie got a taste of summer today and she liked it very much!

we went to a reception. troy took pictures and i took evie... who had the harder job? i didn't think it was possible but she has gotten even busier. she wants to eat, touch, see, crawl all over, grab, and squawk at everything. i love this whirlwind of a baby!

Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth