Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So this past week was Spring Break, and we loved it!!!! The break from school and the time with our family was badly needed. We got to visit both sides of the family, I took my state board tests and passed (Hooray i'm licensed), and I had my baby shower. So busy, but fun! below are pictures of the trip along with one of the temple cuz were so excited it's almost done and feel pretty blessed to be living in Thatcher to witness the dedication and all the festivities. And a recent picture of the belly because i've gotten some requests. so enjoy...

it's beautiful! their of course finishing the inside but we think we saw curtains in the windows...
excuse the face and the pic we took it with the phone and i think i had just woken up from a nap.
baby shower was fun and thanks to everyone who helped and for all the cute stuff
From here down are pics of our visit with my sister Bethany and brother-in-law Brian
my mom and sweet niece hailey
Sister Bethany and niece Katelyn
The Fam playin some late night cards
Troy about to hit a homerun at the family baseball extravaganza
Cuties Raegan and Katelyn chillin with the puppy
Troy lovin the horse shoes
oh hailey, i just wanna squeeze your cheeks!!!
Aunt Elissa and princess Katelyn
Diva Sisters
Original Diva!
horrible picture, but here's troy practicing for our little girl!!!! snuggling with baby Hailey.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mediocre Update... wish it was a super cool one.

so here's a quick update, nothing special, with no pictures because 1st... don't have a little point and shoot anymore just a huge camera that makes everyone feel like its a formal event when taken out of the bag. and 2nd... im disgusting! haven't worn makeup in maybe a month (no exaggeration, i know everyone is shocked!) oh and my belly is huge, or feels huge, or both. but i realize that if i have no pictures i will regret it so their coming... Troy promises.
Graduated from Cosmo. School and feel pretty accomplished because of it. and i take my state boards in about 3 weeks. I've been loving sitting around and doing pretty much nothing but i know it will only last for a few more weeks so no one think i'm lazy.
Troy's still in school until the end of the semester in May of course but we get Spring Break in 2 weeks so were pumped to do nothing together. instead of just me, and him giving me jealous and sometimes resentful looks everytime he leaves to go to class, or clinicals.
We have 6.5 weeks until the baby comes and were both super excited and a little nervous. I now have to go into the hospital twice a week so they can do a NST ( Non Stress Test, basically monitor the baby's heartrate for 30 Min.) but i don't mind because everything seems to be going great and i get to see and hear her twice a week. ill leave the hospital Tuesdays practically crazy cuz i want her to be here so bad, and then on Fridays ill leave freaking out because i know my life is going to be different forever and were not ready in so many ways... but she's coming so man up i guess!

Troy's Update: here are the pics!

This was the last ultasound pic that we had. I have never found an ultrasound pic very cute... And then I saw this one. Squishy cheeks!!!!! Freaking love it!!!!

This is one of my (Troy) favorites. I was at class all day and whit was at school, she was really craving food i guess because she walked in the room with a huge sandwich and a 2 liter coke under her arm. (whit asks me to ask all of you to excuse the face)

Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth