Wednesday, December 1, 2010

October...November...and first of December

We have moved from Thatcher but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Every Monday through Wednesday Troy goes back for class, and then comes down here (Gilbert) for clinicals Thursday-Saturday. Meaning, for the last 6 weeks Evie and I have been getting to see him about 1-2 days a week. It's not ideal, but don't feel sorry for me, we've only got 1 more week till his semester's out...relief. Occasionally when he goes to Thatcher I tag along, and we get to see a little more of each other. In early Oct. we went to the apple orchard and then later in the week went to my grandparents ranch,( my dad had come down to help brand and needed the the son-in-laws help.) For halloween my side of the family got together and had a party, and it featured a costume contest. I was the farmer and troy was my milk cow, Evie... a hippie. November pretty much flew by and I don't have any pictures from Thanksgiving but, as always... loved it. We went to the annual Hancock Thanksgiving in Wickenburg and got to see family we love. Just a quick shout out to my cousin kelsey who I know will be reading this! And now it's December 1st and like everyone's December every day is planned out and spoken for. I love the holidays and even though I just saw my entire family and then some, I can't wait until these next few weeks are over and I can see them again... but mostly I just want to see Troy!

Does anyone else think that Troy's holding of the apple is hilarious?


here they are... our real life cowboys

isn't this the biggest needle you've ever seen?

Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth