Thursday, October 29, 2009


So I'm pretty sure everyone knows, but for those of you who don't... I'm pregnant!
Im sure it would have been more exciting if i made this post while everyone still didn't know but whatever. Troy and I are both super excited and super nervous( my history hasn't been the greatest.) but I am a little over 15 weeks now ( the farthest I've ever made it) so we're starting to let the excitement outweigh the nervousness. The doctor informed us that I'll only have to be on bed rest for 5 more weeks unless there is another episode, but he's very optimistic (that's only 4 months total...not the whole 9!!!! good news!). It might possibly be the best news i've ever received since everyday i swear i get a little crazier. Every morning Troy leaves to go live his life in the outside world and i tell him to give it my regards and to not let it forget me. but really, it hasn't been that bad i have gotten a lot of visitors and besides Troy, Rhianna (my lil sis) has been the most amazing. she comes over almost everyday to watch some Gilmore Girls or Sense and Sensibility. and she gives me updates like " hey whitney, it's cold outside now, thats why i'm wearing a jacket." she's the best. Troy's pretty great too, what with being my personal servant and all. jumping up to get anything so i don't have to. and he always has a washed puke bowl ready! he gives me my shots twice a day and makes sure i take all my pills. and every day when he comes home he tells me he loves me and... here's the kicker... will turn off every football and baseball game that i tell him i don't want to watch. (ok except for the world series) I appreciate and love him 100% and in truth cannot tell you who this whole pregnancy thing has been harder on. I'm starting to feel much better and now i'm only sick in the mornings which is also wonderful, and i'm hopeful that in the next couple weeks all sickness will be completely gone! Overall were doing really good and even though it hasn't been the most fun were super super happy! Troy is loving school and loving that the semester is closer to over than not. Next wednesday he'll be done with all clinicals in and out of town. We both can't wait for the holidays and to see our families, and i'm so excited for Thanksgiving in Wickenburg that i can't even stand it. and just a quick shout out... were so grateful to all our family, friends, and ward members who have helped out, and for all the prayers on our behalf.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Troy, for our anniversary (Oct. 4th), bought me this halloween classic! And I loved it for 2 reasons...
1) I love this movie and it's not Halloween without it.
2). It was a super cheap and a very cost effective gift.
(Troy tends to think gifts should be lavish and expensive, and when I said I didn't want anything; he wouldn't have it, so we compromised... and he did so good!
(ok he just informed me that he bought tickets to phantom, which now makes everything I just said a moot point but I'm so excited that I'm not mad and i love him just the same... ok maybe a little more!!!

Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth