Thursday, May 26, 2011

remember 5 months ago when I did a whole "ode to Thatcher" goodbye forever post? I do... to my credit that WAS 5 months ago. We moved back. Troy went a week ahead to start work and Evie and I packed up and followed. In Thatcher we reside... living happily so come and visit please, you'll love it.
this is us following...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

April and Easter

April went by fast for us. Troy spent the whole month job searching, and taking some online classes, I spent a good part of the month stressing about Troy's job searching, the rest and the best of the month is below and it's all about Evie...

Evie's 1st baseball game
Troy loves baseball games and I love Troy so we went with our friends Brad and Val... It was a good time and Evie was perfect. Plus, the weather was great.

Evie's 1st Easter egg hunt

she loved it! or maybe i'm the one that loved it... if she knew what was going on, she would have loved it!


Easter Sunday in her Easter dress. This was after church and before nap time... about 2 seconds before nap time.

good month.
Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth