Saturday, January 22, 2011

she's 9 months old, she has 9 teeth including 1 1/2 molars, and she has red strawberry blonde hair. she crawls like a pro and loves to pull herself up on anything she can get her little pudgy hands on. she loves to copy us when we shake our heads from side to side or smack our lips or clap our hands. she now knows the purpose of a spoon, and anytime she finds one she'll immediately put it in her mouth... if it's a clean spoon she'll become genuinely confused as to why it doesn't taste the way it does when mom's feeding her with it. if your eating something she'll never take her eyes off of you. she's soooo busy! she has the cutest giggles and lately i've been having to work pretty hard for them, but they come out easy for Troy. after nap time she'll sqwauk, yes sqwauk for me to come get her and when I do she'll look up at me and grin. her cheeks are the most delicious thing about her and yes, she's so so yummy!

today we took her to see... bunnies!

first it was this...

then it was this...

she eventually got the idea

Friday, January 14, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010

it's been crazy! we've had a ton going on and i've decided that if i don't hurry up and write it down it will be lost forever. so...


Dec. 16th Troy graduated from nursing school! he's relieved and i'm proud.
I think your the best! thanks for working so hard for two straight years to accomplish this for our family. thanks for going on no sleep so you could work a full time job and go to school your 1st semester. thank you for taking care of a bedridden sick pregnant wife and managing to fit in study sessions during your 2nd and 3rd semesters. thanks for managing to be a great dad, student, husband, diaper changer, and foot massager throughout your 4th semester. i'm a lucky wife because your a hard working husband. youda best!

He's a Graduate!




Great Teacher


The day after graduation we had the Lunt family Christmas party. all the grandkids acted out the nativity and evie was a sweet sweet angel. if by sweet you mean super tired and wiggly.

this was our best family christmas picture, doesn't Troy look great?

Don't worry, me and Evie made it up to you by taking this picture.

The week before Christmas we got to go up and visit Justin and Elissa in Cedar city. We got to see beautiful Christmas time in Utah, and they introduced us to wingers. A restaurant that I can now say is on troy's top five. That's impressive, he likes a lot of food and he's got a lot of fav's. Lissa and I sewed aprons, Troy and Justin saw Tron, we all played games and Evie loved hangin out with uncle justin and aunt lissa.

Their both shouting "TRON!", if you can't tell

We had Christmas at my parent's house for the last time. We loved the food, presents, games, Christmas devotional, and all the cousin luvs. I Love my family!

Brian and Bethany

Keith and Kaelie

Matt and nana


On the 29th of Dec. it was Troy's birthday. It also happened to be the same day as my grandma's funeral so we didn't get the chance to celebrate it like usual but he still got some cake, candles, and ice cream.

and now it's 2011 so far Evie's pulled herself up

and went to costco
Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth