Friday, October 8, 2010

Ode to Thatcher and Evie update...

We've moved and I can't believe it! Our Thatcher chapter has come to an end... weird. I'm taking it harder than I thought I would. 3 1/2 years ago Troy and I met, dated, fell in love, and got engaged in Thatcher! Troy has always had a nostalgic love for the place, and though I didn't at first, I do now. After getting married we moved back and from now until forever when I think of our dating, newlywed, and new baby days I will think of Thatcher. We were ready and excited to move for many reasons... school, job, being closer to family, etc... but I am a little bit sad ... and we really will miss it.
1. our first 4 apartments/ little leaky houses. (including the one Evie came home to!)
2. great wards!!!!
2. some super fun young couples/families who have become great friends
3. EAC (the college campus where our degrees were earned!)
4. cotton fields
5. a brand new beautiful temple
6. at least 4 of our favorite mexican restaurants
7. being 5 min. away from anything
8. Catwalk, Mt. Graham, Cluff Ponds, and Roper Lake
9. the last place my mom came to visit me
10. its the place where I met my husband and we started our family... so i love it!
And now an update and lots of pictures of Evie....
she's 6 months today! (thats absolutely crazy to me) She started sitting up a few weeks ago, and she wants to grab everything. I think she'll learn to run before she learns to crawl. Her hair is still red and I love it. she has a regular smile and a CRAZY smile. She started eating rice cereal and becomes an animal every time she sees it. She pretty much sleeps through the night, and she knows I'm her mom (thats my favorite)!
happy halloween
some general conference prayers
rice cereal maniac

my new hamster method
should she be able to do this?

Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth