Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've always wanted a Christmas village. You know the miniature porcelain houses and churches with little lamp posts? Just always wanted one. Well found part of one at a yard sale and was gonna buy it...then the thought popped into my head, is this too grandma? So I asked my sisters Bethany and Rhianna. They told me to buy it. I did, and didn't regret it until I went shopping later with Bethany and she somehow convinced me to buy a sweater that was too small. We came home and couldn't stop laughing... Her husband Brian looked at us like we were crazy. I think I am a little. I now own a sweater that is too small, and I think the only explanation is that my sister who I must trust ALOT told me to buy it. So I guess what I'm asking is. Elissa, Kaelie? Are Christmas villages okay to own?!

Also pumpkin patch, and Halloween.

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Bethany said...

K, you bought that sweater all by yourself. I just picked it up, said it was super cute and you should try it on. your the one who looked in the mirror and decided it was worth the $4.75. And it totally covers your arms.

Bethany said...

And christmas villages are fun. Grandmas know...cuz they have had the luxury of a lot of christmas.

Elissa said...

christmas villages are fun to look at, WHEN your at grandmas house. thats about it, but do what you want. maybe you could get a toy train to put around your tree too.
i love the halloween costumes. super cute. im sure evie is gonna love the one of her in the monkey mask and undies in about 10 years. hope the move went ok, hurry and update about your new crib and such.

The Robinsons said...

I have always wanted a Christmas Village too! Sophie and I love to go to Michaels because they have a huge village set up and we just stare at it. Some may think we are crazy, but it is fun. My grandma had a Christmas Village that I LOVED when I was little, so maybe that's where I got it from...hmmm. I miss you!

Adrian and Amy said...

Christmas villages are SOOO cute! I've had one since we got married and I add to it every year when the stuff goes on clearance!

Haha Elissa about the toy train around the tree!

Brooke R. Harper said...

haha i love those things. as long as you don't use up a whole room for them you are fine.

Troy, Whitney, and Evie Elizabeth